The Face Shop Club20 VIP Card

I recently visited The Face Shop‘s store to buy myself a new eyelash curler, which im so loving by the way.  I’ll make a review of that on a separate post.

Going back to our topic at hand…the VIP card entitles card holders to:

  • Get invites to exclusive skin care and makeup workshops.
  • Members get VIP passes to product launches and events.
  • Members get advance information on new products, upcoming in-store promotions and activities.

Membership costs only 150 Php valid for one year.  I was totally bought right away.  Who could have passed that kind of offer right?  Just thinking of going to events like they had in the past (Kim Hyun-joong as gust endorser anyone?) make me sign up without thinking twice.

This is the card (i don’t know how this pic ended up sideways)

and this is what comes with the membership card (a sample gift pack)

The first item in the gift pack is The Real Nature Lemon mask.  This mask has nature derived ingredients with an instant serum like effect.

The second item in this pack is the Clean Face special gift set, which contains a toner and lotion for oil control.

The third item is the E’thym Recharge Essence, which is basically a skin moisturizer through premium oxygen water.

The fourth item is the Natural Sun AQ Power Long Lasting Sun Cream, which is a mild sunblock with natural plant extract and provides UV protection.

The fifth and last item in the gift pack is the Face it Power Perfection BB cream, which I already tried and I’m already loving it…will just make a separate review on this one, as well as with the other items that came with this pack.  Until next post….tahh….tahh =)


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