Charm Travel Pro V3 Makeup Brush Set

Two weeks ago I received my Charm Travel Pro 14-piece brush set. It’s just now that I was able to review this goodies as I have to test it out first. You see…before I recommend or comment on something I would test it out for a week or so.


The makeup brush set comes in this box, which is screaming travel by its design.

The back of the box says…

“Get spoiled with our luxurious Charm Travel Pro, as your take-me-with-you anywhere brush set promising professional results! Featuring an impressive lineup of outstanding travel-sized makeup brushes made from the softest blend of animal and synthetic hair, Charm Travel Pro is guaranteed to help you achieve looks, wherever you may be! You will never have to scrimp on your makeup tools!”



The brushes are housed in this faux croc skin pouch with hot pink interior. Isn’t it lovely? I goshed when I first laid my eyes on this. The set consists of…..


Stippling Brush. I love this to bits. Sorry if its a little stained coz I immediately tested this. I have been reading a lot of good reviews on this so I had to experience it myself (excited much). You can use this on liquid or cream foundation and this amazingly gives out an airbrush finish…kyaaaah!


Powder Brush. You can use this brush to apply blush at the apples of your cheeks and you can also use this to apply loose powder allover your face. This brush is so soft, you don’t have to worry about it tagging your skin.


Angled Brush. This brush can be used in applying your contour powder. I love that its angled shape fits the c
hollow of your cheeks perfectly. It can also double as a blush brush for applying colors at the side of your face.


Foundation Brush. This perfect for applying liquid and cream foundation and blush. It gives out a flawless finish without any streaks.


Big Eyeshadow/Concealer Brush. This brush is great for packing on eyeshadow to your lids. This can also be used to apply your liquid or cream concealer…talking about double purpose neh…..


Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush. This is great if you want to intensify your eyeshadow color. All you have to do is spray the brush with water and dip it onto your favorite eyeshadow color.


Angled Crease Brush. This brush is used for defining your eyes as the angled shape fits the crease area perfectly.


Definer Brush. This is perfect for applying color on the outer V of your eyes for a more defined look.


Fluffy Shading Brush. A great tool for buffing out harsh edges and blending out color.


Flat Liner/Push Brush. This is used for applying powder liner on your lashes and defining your eyes.


Bent Liner Brush. This is used with gel liner for creating that perfect cat eye look.


Angled Brow Brush. This is perfect for filling in sparse spaces on your brows with powder.


Eyebrow Spooly. This is used for combing unruly brow in place.


Lip Brush. This is used for applying lip color perfectly.

This brush set is so compact and complete that it is great for traveling. You can easily stash it inside your bag and go to wherever your destination is.


And as an extra, I got this Inti-Mate bra converter which I’ll review on a different post.

Thanks to the genius Ms. Sophie for creating this lovely brushes.

Price: Php2500 (Charm brushes had a Prebuy promo recently and the Php500 was slashed off the price tag)

Where to Buy: Crossings The Ramp – Trinoma (Quezon City)

Crossings The Ramp – Shangrila Plaza (Edsa)

PurBeauty Serendra, Bonifacio Global City ( 2nd floor, just above Conti’s )

or visit their site Beauty and Minerals

Here is a look I created with this brushes….


P.S. Some of the pics appear sideways no matter how many times I upload it so please bear with me. =P


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