Zen Zest Coral Eau de Toilette

I’m of the opinion that everyone has to have their own parfum signature. Remember when someone passes by and you immediately know who that someone is without even taking a glance? However, if your a student or someone who just started at your job, purchasing a parfum with a Php3000+ price tag is simply impractical thing to do.

So if you still don’t have the budget to buy your “scent” mate I introduce you Zen Zest Coral Eau de Toilette (Php200).


Yes, it’s only Php200! At first glance you would think that the price would range from Php800-1000. Why so? As you can see it is packaged in a colorful thick box and the bottle itself is made of thick glass. It doesn’t feel cheap at all and it looks and smells like its pricey counterparts.


The smell is Lovely. It’s very feminine, flowery and powdery, but not overpowering at all. I think it is perfect for everyday use and very affordable too! But since it’s only EDT, the smell doesn’t last long. I think it lasts approximately two hours before the scent completely disappears. What I do is decant it in a small spray bottle so I can spritz on anytime of the day.


Overall, this is great everyday scent for all ladies. I highly recommend this for teens who want to smell more lady-like without smelling like your Lola. And it’s best choice for women on a budget but would still smell elegant and not musky.


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