Elf Eyelid Primer

Don’t you feel euphoric when you discover great dupes of high end or pricier brands? That’s what I felt when I discovered about a dupe for Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. And yes you guessed it right….it’s one the great drugstore brand, Elf eye primer.


This goodie cost only 129Php, which is way more cheaper than its counterpart.


This comes with a doe-foot applicator which is great for applying the product on your lids.


Swatching the product on my hands, it goes on smoothly and is opaque in color, but turns sheer when spread evenly.


I swatched eyeshadow on the left side (without primer) and on the right side (with primer). You can obviously see that eyeshadow applied on the right gives out more pigmented color. I’ve tested this product for a couple of days now and it really did justice. I’ve been in search for a primer for some time now and this primer really is a score. My lids kinda get oily by the end of the day that shadow gets crease and sometimes slides off everywhere. I’m so glad when I used this product as my eyeshadow stayed on the whole day and did not crease at all. I also find that it helped my eyeliner not wash off as the day went on.

My final verdict….awesome primer for a very affordable price that really held on whatever I put on my lids, at least for me. If you have combination skin then you definitely should try this.


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