Bazaar for All Season

Went to Bazaar for All Season today at Elements, Centris with my sister. Me and sissy both have a mission in mind….hehehe.

Here’s what I got…



Aztec skirt from Bubbles.  This is the reason why we went there in the first place.  Isn’t it cute…especially when worn.


I’ve been meaning to get my hands on that ribbon cuff for some time now that I almost leaped with joy when I saw this….I could be silly sometimes I know. And don’t you just love that multi-strand neon bracelet? Perfect piece to wear to liven up any outfit.


Coco Chanel inspired rings….soooooo cuuutttee (literally muttered those words when I saw this cuties).


As we were heading out my sister got inspired and told me to go get some outfit shots. The weather kinda feels a little bit humid today so I opted to wear some comfy shorts and loose top to get some breeze, and wore some Fitflops just in case my sister would go commando and kill my feet.


Armed and ribbonful =)


My Celine-like bag. I’m so loving it, but no this is not an imitation of the original one. The design was just inspired from it. The material is made of canvas, I think, and has a 3D print of the Celine bag. Well of course I cannot afford a 120k bag so I’m happy with this.


This was taken inside one of the shops in Centris named C.O.G. (Center of Gravity), where they sell skateboarding stuffs.


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