The Face Shop Round Brush


The Face Shop 01 round mini brush is the brand’s newst makeup tool from the flawless line. At first glance, it actually looker like Shiseido’s perfection brush sans the pricetag.


The handle has the right length for easier handling and steady application.


It has a slanted flat top to easily reach the crevices of the face.


The brush is densely packed so better be careful on picking up product as it tends to soak in products into its bristles. A trick that I do to make sure that I apply just the right amount, I dot on foundation or BB cream on my face, the I buff it into my skin with the brush for a flawless makeup look that works everrytime.


The fine pin-like bristle helps blend in product to the skin and evens out skin surface.


K-Palette 1-Day Lash Perm


The K-palette Lash Perm mascara lengthens lashes without clumps. It has a curl-keep-polymer that keeps lashes curls perfectly throughout the day! It’s a film-type mascara, which can be easily removed with lukewarm water without having to rub your delicate eye area…which I love. This comes with 4 beauty essences (panthenol, hydrolyze silk, red algae, and swertia herb) that cares for your lashes while creating an impressive curl and length.


The ideal brush length and inner bow-shaped brush curve sweep lashes in an upward curl instantly. The shorter brush bristles at the side is able to reach the root of lashes easily! It has a fine tip that makes it easy to coat short lashes and inner corner of the eyes.


Here’s a photo taken on our company’s Christmas party. Even though the picture is somewhat grainy, you can still see how my lashes were defined and it really kept my lashes permed up all night.

Benefit How to Look The Best at Everything

Benefit’s How to Look The Best at Everything makeup kit really do help you achieve a flawless complexion in just a jiffy.


The kit comes in four shades, fair, light, medium and dark. And my perfect match is in Fair shade.


What a glorious sight neh….



The kit comes with a 7.5 ml The Porefessional pro balm to minimize the appearance of pores. You can also use this to mattify your face when you get some shine at the end of the day.


Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation with SPF 25 PA+++ in “BELIEVE IN ME” IVORY. I love that this foundation is light weight you can hardly feel you’re wearing makeup at all, as well as it brightens up the face with for a luminous healthy glow.


Upper part, Lemonaid 1.3 g color correcting eyelid primer. Combats redness on skin.

Lower part, Boi-ing 1.5 g industrial concealer. This is peachy pink in color to counteract blue and violet discoloration under the eyes.


Hello Flawless “I LOVE ME” IVORY. This is used to set your makeup in place.



The kit also includes an easy 1, 2, 3, 4 guide to achieve that flawless look.

Bazaar for All Season

Went to Bazaar for All Season today at Elements, Centris with my sister. Me and sissy both have a mission in mind….hehehe.

Here’s what I got…



Aztec skirt from Bubbles.  This is the reason why we went there in the first place.  Isn’t it cute…especially when worn.


I’ve been meaning to get my hands on that ribbon cuff for some time now that I almost leaped with joy when I saw this….I could be silly sometimes I know. And don’t you just love that multi-strand neon bracelet? Perfect piece to wear to liven up any outfit.


Coco Chanel inspired rings….soooooo cuuutttee (literally muttered those words when I saw this cuties).


As we were heading out my sister got inspired and told me to go get some outfit shots. The weather kinda feels a little bit humid today so I opted to wear some comfy shorts and loose top to get some breeze, and wore some Fitflops just in case my sister would go commando and kill my feet.


Armed and ribbonful =)


My Celine-like bag. I’m so loving it, but no this is not an imitation of the original one. The design was just inspired from it. The material is made of canvas, I think, and has a 3D print of the Celine bag. Well of course I cannot afford a 120k bag so I’m happy with this.


This was taken inside one of the shops in Centris named C.O.G. (Center of Gravity), where they sell skateboarding stuffs.